Boat Parrrrty

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This year on FRIDAY, May 24th, Student Association DaVinci and Study Association Verde will be hosting the Boat Parrrrty! 

We’ll throw another great party, with the theme: Pirates! This time it’s not in a bar or pub, but on a boat! Nobody’s safe when our pirate ship is cruising down the Maas. 
During the trip, we'll stop at a small beach. There, everybody will have the opportunity to jump into the water, or chill at the beach and watch how the sun sets. 

The boat will leave from the Maaskade Venlo at 18:30 and it will arrive back there at 23:45. Which means we have the whole evening to enjoy this great party! 
Because people like good beer, we have arranged Hertog Jan on the boat. Of course, we have other drinks as well, such as soda, wine, rosé beer, etc. 

These are the prices to enter our adventure trip at the Maas: 
Non-member: €15,-
DaVinci member: €11,-

Make sure you sign up quickly because the boat only has limited capacity! 
Hopefully, we’ll see you there!
NOTE: When you sign up, there are no refunds available! 



Friday 24-05-2019 @ 18:30


Maaskade 9, 5911EH Venlo


from €11


Signed up: 117
Maximum: 200


Due date: 2019-05-24 12:00:00